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The End Of Never

The End Of Never


Full-length, Marquee
May 25th, 2007

Carsten 'Lizard' Schulz - Vocals
Roger Staffelbach - Guitars
Mistheria - Keyboards
Rami Ali - Drums
Steve DiGiorgior - Bass

Released in Japan at 25.05.2007 by Avalon.
Japanese edition features a bonus track:11. You Don't Remember, I'll Never Forget (Yngwie J. Malmsteen cover) (04:32)

Recording information

Vocals recorded at Seegewerk Studios, Mannheim, Germany and Ultimate Music, Cortland, NY, USA.

Guitars recorded at Titanik Recording, Sursee, Switzerland, Seegewerk Studios, Manheim, Germany, and Farview Recording, St. Charles, IL, USA.

Bass recorded at Trident Sudios, Pacheco, CA, USA.

Drums recorded at Seegewerk Studios, Manheim, Germany and Cherrywood Studios, Kitzingen, Germany.

Keyboards recorded at Kaosmos Studio, Luco Dei Marsi, Italy and Droehnwerk-Studio, Bad Nenndorf, Germany.


1. The End Of Never (04:19)
2. Dreamchaser (04:08)
3. Angel Of Eden (05:15)
4. Return Of The Pharaoh - Part 1 (05:43)
5. The Battle Of 1386 (06:50)
6. Into The Black (03:45)
7. Return Of The Pharaoh - Part 2 (01:47)
8. Keys To Avalon (04:23)
9. Stampede (04:08)
10. Towards The Light (06:19)