Repository For The Lowest Common Denominator

Best of/Compilation, Hammerheart Records
May 2003

Line-up :
Darren Travis : Guitars, vocals
Rob Moore : Guitars
Steve DiGiorgio : Bass
Jon Allen : Drums

Limited to 3,000 copies. Contains the Death To Posers demo from 1986 (tracks1-6) and the Certain Death demo from 1987 (tracks 7-8), all remastered, and allof which was previously unavailable in any format except the original cassettereleases.


1.Sadus Attack 01:49
2.Torture 02:44
3.Kill Team 03:57
4.Desolator 03:48
5.Fight or Die 03:18
6.Twisted Face 02:06
7.Number One 05:42
8.Hands of Fate 04:12

Total playing time 27:46